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Avondale has been on quite a journey. What about your personal journey? Are you far from where you want to be because of a criminal charge or professional license complaint? The Avondale criminal defense lawyers at Stewart Law Group are here to help!

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We are located in Avondale at 12725 W. Indian School Road, just west of N. Santa Fe Trail, and have over 100 years of combined legal experience, our law firm’s history is strongly connected to Avondale’s community and court system. Trust us to be your Avondale defense team.

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Avondale City Court Proceedings

We understand that you are here right now because something is very wrong and you need our help. Were you, a family member, or a close friend arrested within the Avondale city limits? The initial appearance may be before a judge of the Avondale City Court. Like other municipal courts in the Valley, the city court also has jurisdiction to enter orders of protection. City court proceedings include minor traffic violations and not-so-minor misdemeanor offenses. Many people are surprised to learn that most DUIs are Class 1 Misdemeanors, although there are felony DUIs, too.

With a misdemeanor DUI, criminal proceedings may be held at Avondale City Court or, alternatively, Maricopa County Superior Court. Protective orders, such as an injunction against harassment, may be entered by either the Avondale court or superior court. Felonies are never tried in municipal courts because these lack subject matter jurisdiction over those serious crimes. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security if DUI proceedings go forward in city court. A DUI conviction – whether in Avondale City Court or the Superior Court of Maricopa County – will carry the same penalties and restrictions.

Whatever happens, understand that expungement and set aside are still possible under Arizona law, even if the conviction came down in municipal court. Talk to an attorney about getting your criminal record cleared so you can take advantage of better employment and lifestyle opportunities in the greater Phoenix area and elsewhere.

For those under criminal investigation for white-collar crime (for example, forgery), drug trafficking, unlawful sexual conduct, burglary, vehicular manslaughter, or some other felony, the case will likely be tried in superior court. However, some criminal cases are tried in U.S. District Court. Everything depends upon the offense charged and the court asserting proper jurisdiction.

How to Know if You’re Working with the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Avondale?

Only consider hiring an experienced Avondale criminal defense attorney to represent you. Our defense attorneys are former prosecutors and know the system well. They are also admitted to practice in both state and federal court. Whether appearance is before the judge in Avondale City Court, Maricopa County Superior Court, or U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona, we can help you get through this with the best result possible under the circumstances.

Professional License Defense in Avondale

You may have launched your professional career 10 or more years ago, proud of your license to practice here in Avondale.
Today you have a serious problem. Are you worried about the fall-out from a complaint against you? How damaging will it be? Might the board suspend your license or, worse, revoke it permanently?

News that someone in Avondale has filed a complaint against you with the licensing board can be shocking. What do you do when someone you helped attacks your hard-earned goodwill and reputation? If things did not go well for the client or patient, then it may have been predictable to some degree. Still, if things went well enough based on your experience, knowledge, and interpretation of the events, then you may be blind-sided. Don’t let surprise and hurt prevent you from taking action. Consult an attorney about your defense before the board and any related criminal proceedings.

Have you been accused of fraud, sexual misconduct, drug or alcohol abuse, failure to supervise, or ethics violations in Avondale, AZ? We represent engineers, accountants, daycare providers, insurance agents, brokers, healthcare professionals, and many other licensed business owners and professionals from our Avondale office location. We help people hold on to their lives with license defense representation.

There is no shrugging off a complaint from a disgruntled client or injured patient. Protect your license and your livelihood with an aggressive defense. In that process, you should be treated with respect and dignity regardless of the alleged acts you are now confronted with.

We do not judge the choices our clients have made. They need our help now and we are there for them. Nor do we take shortcuts to end the case more quickly. Of course, plea negotiations are a part of the criminal court process, yet we are always prepared for trial. If a conviction should follow, we advocate for the lowest sentence possible. We also handle appeals, including those to the Arizona Court of Appeals or, if tried in the federal court system, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

DUI Defense in Avondale

Like a lot of Avondale residents, from time to time it can be fun to take in NASCAR races at ISM Raceway. Maybe mix a little racing with a little drinking. Arizona DUI laws are among the strictest. A first-time DUI offense can result in being jailed, paying large fines plus assessments, being placed on years of probation, and suspending any driver’s license. Consider the impact of a DUI on your license to practice. Too much is at stake. Everything good about your Avondale life could topple, leaving you and your family in a very difficult emotional and financial situation. We can help you through this. Start by requesting The Arizona DUI Handbook by criminal defense lawyers Scott David Stewart and Colin Bell of Stewart Law Group. Both authors are former Arizona prosecutors.

Criminal Defense Representation

Every criminal investigation or arrest that results in a charged offense requires Due Process. Certain proceedings must be conducted to protect the defendant’s constitutional rights. The criminal proceedings begin with the suspect’s arraignment, a court hearing where he or she is charged with one or more crimes and enters a plea of “Guilty,” “Not Guilty,” or “No Contest.” You do not want to be in a position to enter a plea without consulting an attorney first. Don’t delay. Hire an experienced defense lawyer to be there from the outset of proceedings. The criminal defense team with Stewart Law Group will quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses in the State’s case against you and will focus on fully exploiting those weaknesses at every step. Experience does matter.

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“Colin Bell was amazing in the way he handled my case. Colin was always available when I had questions and made sure I was made aware of what to expect and the process moving forward. This put me at ease throughout the duration of my case. Response to emails by end of day or next day, excellent communication, never rushed, goes above and beyond of what you would expect and very professional. What more can you ask for?”

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