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DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix

We live in Phoenix AZ, the fastest growing city in the nation and the fifth-largest city by population. With over 1.6 million people, Phoenix is happening. The capital city offers abundant opportunities for higher education, career advancement, opening a small business, operating a professional practice. People put their roots down in Phoenix and so have the defense attorneys with Stewart Law Group. Our defense team is well-versed in criminal proceedings at Phoenix Municipal Court, the busiest in the state.

Phoenix Municipal Court hears cases involving minor civil traffic violations and misdemeanors occurring within the city limits. The municipal court can hear DUI Class 1 misdemeanors with maximum sentences of six months in jail and $2,500 fine. The prosecutor may decide to file charges in Superior Court, however, which has general jurisdiction over criminal cases.

Our Phoenix law office is conveniently located just off E. Thomas road and a few blocks from State Route 51 in Phoenix, just across the street from the entrance to the Phoenix Country Club – a block from the Oval.  We also offer phone and video consultation to make contacting one of our expert Phoenix attorneys in Arizona for help as simple as possible.

Being involved in a crime, whether by act or proximity can be terrifying. Understanding the process and having a lawyer that’s on your side every step of the way can help alleviate some of that fear.  Our team will explain each step and the possible outcomes, as well as those impacts on your life now and down the road. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for all of our  clients, whether they’ve been involved in a trespassing case, a DUI, a drug crime, or some other criminal activity.  Our legal team is here to help. We have 20+ years experience in Phoenix, Arizona. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality representation, and securing a positive outcome for our clients whenever possible.

Case Types We Can Help With:

…and much more.  If you’ve been issued a ticket, charged with a crime, or you think you’re going to be looped into something just because you were in the area when a crime happened, hiring an expert Phoenix lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. There are so many different directions evidence and testimony can take the prosecution or defense, having someone on your side to help you wade through the quagmire of information, facts, theories, and outcomes can not only impact your ultimate resolution, it will help alleviate the stress you feel during the entire process.  Choosing one of the Stewart Law Group lawyers near you can make a significant difference.  Don’t delay.

stewart law images arrested criminal defense lawyer near you (1)Legal Representation in Phoenix

Have you been charged with DUI, theft, assault, drug sales, or disorderly conduct? Are you under investigation for fraudulent schemes or some white-collar crime involving your business endeavors? With your future and freedom uncertain, it’s time to reach out for immediate assistance. Call 602-562-5000 now and consult an experienced defense lawyer. Talk to us about pre-charge representation where we get involved before there’s an indictment.

Strong Defense in Criminal Proceedings

With a probation violation, reckless endangerment, or any other crime, you need a vigorous defense. The criminal justice system should treat you honestly and fairly, but your attorney will ensure that actually happens in every criminal proceeding. Be mindful, the system does not care what happens to your family while you sit in the Maricopa County Jail. Nor is the system concerned when you fall behind on bills because of the criminal fines and probation expenses coming out of every paycheck. Who pays the cost of an ignition interlock device in your car? You do!

Justice is blind. And if the State’s evidence is not aggressively challenged and police testimony is allowed without cross-examination, then justice will not see the truth. A major part of our job as defense lawyers is to carefully expose vulnerabilities in the State’s case. We find ways of strengthening our client’s position on each element of the crime, thereby introducing reasonable doubt. Our case results speak volumes.

Trust Your Stewart Law Group Team

Conviction is not a given! Every person, every case is unique. Criminal charges do get dismissed. Defendants who make mistakes are found Not Guilty. Convictions are overturned. Sentences do get shortened. Fines can be reduced. All of these things are possible with Stewart Law Group, the Phoenix legal team you can trust.

Some individuals will have the opportunity to avoid DUI trial or drug trial by participating in a court administered diversion program. We assist clients who may be eligible for diversion. Superior Court diversion programs include the TASC Adult Deferred Prosecution Program for drug diversion. The Phoenix Municipal Court offers numerous diversion programs to eligible individuals including Underage Drinking and Alcohol Possession Diversion and the Shoplifting and Theft Diversion, among others.

At every stage in the criminal court case, our Phoenix defense attorneys develop strategies to obtain the best outcomes possible. We never stop fighting. We never stop trying to make a difference.

stewart law images phoenix court criminal defenseDefending Clients in Criminal Court

Given how the criminal justice system is popularly portrayed, it’s easy to think of judges and juries as all-knowing or infallible. Some defendants make the mistake of believing they will be treated fairly in court even without attorney representation. People want to believe that justice always prevails. Yes, defendants should be treated fairly and justice should prevail. Having said that, strategizing with your Phoenix attorney, fighting to uphold your character, protecting your rights every inch of the way, maintaining your freedoms, these are all necessary to the criminal court process.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Generally, the prosecutor must prove every element of the crime against you beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a heavy burden for the prosecution. Although one piece of evidence could make or break the prosecution’s case, knowing what that exculpatory evidence must be to carry the day requires courtroom sophistication and trial skills. An experienced defense attorney in Phoenix should quickly identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case along with the strengths that must be countered in order to create reasonable doubt in the mind of the jury or, if a bench trial, the judge.

Phoenix lawyers with Stewart Law Group spend each day doing battle for our clients. As former prosecutors, our attorneys are trained to quickly analyze strengths and weaknesses in the State’s case. And to prepare legal strategies to purposefully introduce reasonable doubt into each element of the charged offense.

Common Defenses

When you’re arrested for any type of criminal activity, a strong defense is the most important aspect of your case. It is important to note that all felony charges and subsequent cases are unique, there are common defenses used to help our clients, including the following:


Filing motions can be an important factor in your defense strategy, as it can significantly change the course of the trial. A motion is essentially a request to the court. Typically, your lawyer is asking the court to decide on something before the trial begins (though some motions are made during or after the trial). One of the most common motions a defense attorney will file is a motion to suppress.

A motion to suppress is used to ask the court to prohibit the state from using certain evidence because it was obtained unlawfully and in violation of your constitutional rights. This request can be made for several different types of evidence.

For example, if you were charged with having a firearm in your possession, your lawyer would file a motion to suppress the introduction of the fact that the firearm was found on you (or found at all). This is true anytime something is found on your person or around you and the state is attempting to use it as evidence. It can apply to drugs, allegedly stolen items, other weapons, or even statements you made or a blood draw that was taken after you’re arrested for DUI.

In some cases, the prohibited evidence will essentially force the prosecutor to dismiss the case against you because they know they cannot prove their case without the evidence.


Regardless of the crime you’re accused of, an alibi defense is common. In this type of legal defense, your lawyer will argue that you couldn’t have committed the crime because you were somewhere else when it occurred, and evidence exists showing this fact. For example, someone can testify on your behalf that you were with them in a different place at the time of the crime, or your lawyer can present video footage showing that you weren’t at the scene.


A third common legal defense is that the state’s evidence simply doesn’t prove that you are guilty of the crime. Even if evidence isn’t suppressed and you don’t present alibi evidence, the burden of proof is still on the state to prove you did what they’re accusing you of doing. For example, in a DUI defense case, your lawyer can argue that there is insufficient evidence to show that you were under the influence, and in some cases, they might even argue that there is insufficient evidence to show that you were driving.

If law enforcement failed to draw your blood or breathalyze you, the only evidence presented might be the police officer’s observations. This can lead to a conviction, but it’s your attorney’s job to poke holes in their testimony and show the judge or jury that the prosecutor hasn’t met their burden.

If you’re alleged to have been under the influence and in your car, but the police never saw you driving it, there may not be enough evidence to prove each element of a DUI beyond a reasonable doubt; the evidence is insufficient.

Hire Your Phoenix Defense Team

Attorneys with Stewart Law Group defend clients charged with misdemeanor or felony offenses under state and federal law. When freedom is on the line, legal experience matters. Our attorneys have tried criminal cases in courtrooms all around Arizona, including Phoenix Municipal Court, Superior Court, and the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona. Wherever the charges are filed in Arizona, we are admitted to practice in that courtroom.

Whatever the crime is – shoplifting, vehicle theft, forgery, bad check writing – go into court confident in your attorney’s ability and dedication. You deserve a strong defense from the best legal representation you can obtain, our Phoenix criminal attorneys are just that.

If you’re in Phoenix, call today for assistance and speak with Scott David Stewart or Colin Bell, top-rated attorney.  If you’re coming to the office for a meeting – click on the directions link in the map below and you’ll receive the info on how to reach us easily and quickly.

Need Post-Conviction Help?

No trial outcome is guaranteed, but our dedication to each client is. That includes sentencing and post-conviction representation. Our criminal law specialists consult with the client and present a case for the least jail time and lowest fine at the sentencing hearing. If the conviction comes with mandatory sentencing and probation, then we show mitigating circumstances for the least punishment and shortest probationary period. Our criminal attorneys also handle criminal record related issues, and other such criminal matters.

We also handle criminal appeals from judicial rulings handed down in Maricopa County’s Superior Court, Phoenix Municipal Court, and U.S. District Court. We will be there for you through every proceeding, from beginning to end.

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