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Glendale Criminal Defense Lawyer

Anyone facing criminal charges in Glendale, AZ, should hire a criminal defense attorney. If you or a loved one needs legal representation, contact our Glendale criminal defense attorneys at Stewart Law Group today to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

Why Hire the Stewart Law Group?

  • Since the inception of the Stewart Law Group, our attorneys have assisted thousands of clients in their fight against criminal charges.
  • Our Glendale criminal defense attorneys began their legal careers as prosecutors and know-how Glendale prosecutors build their cases.
  • We focus entirely on providing the highest quality legal representation in every case and addressing each client’s unique needs.
  • Our firm has extensive experience defending against all types of criminal charges. We have legal specialists from DUI attorneys and traffic violations to drug crimes and homicide lawyers.

Is Hiring a Defense Attorney Really Necessary?

No matter what charges you may be facing, hiring a criminal defense attorney is the best option for protecting your constitutional rights. For example, an individual charged with a crime like assault may face undue punishment that has lasting repercussions on his or her life. Hiring a Glendale assault attorney comes at an expense, but it is vital to recognize that the alternative of forgoing legal counsel or relying upon an overworked public defender can lead to much worse consequences.

Many public defenders are fantastic attorneys, but they typically have a high caseload and cannot provide the same level of personal attention to their cases that private defense firms like the Stewart Law Group can offer. In any criminal case, it is essential to hire a defense attorney that not only knows how local prosecutors work but also one that can provide comprehensive, individualized representation.

Penalties for Criminal Offenses in Arizona

Depending on the type and severity of the criminal charges you face, the punishments can vary dramatically. Violent crimes often lead to long prison sentences, fines, restitution to victims and their families, probation, and a host of other penalties. Some criminal charges can lead to loss of a professional license or sex offender registry, prohibiting certain types of employment for years to come and severely damaging the offender’s reputation in his or her community.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Glendale helps minimize these penalties. In some criminal cases, a defense attorney may argue for alternative punishments or even diversionary programs like counseling, mental health treatment, or community service in lieu of jail time, expensive fines, and other harsh penalties.

Fighting Criminal Charges in Glendale

Many possible defenses exist in any given criminal case, but it is vital for anyone charged with a crime to remember that the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt rests with the prosecution. A criminal defense attorney will look for ways to dismantle a prosecutor’s arguments or secure a lighter sentence for a client.

  • Defense attorneys challenge procedural errors and inappropriate lines of questioning.
  • Defense attorneys question the evidence brought forth against their clients to help establish reasonable doubt.
  • A defense attorney may call upon expert witnesses to help prove a client’s innocence. In many cases, obscured facts and very esoteric information can mean the difference between conviction and acquittal.
  • A defendant’s attorney can highlight unique information about a defendant to try to secure lighter sentencing, such as substance abuse, mental health disorders, past trauma, and other factors.
  • Local-Legal-Authority-Badge phoenix badge stewart law groupIn some cases, it is possible for a defense attorney to secure a plea bargain for his or her client. For example, pleading guilty to lesser charges can satisfy a prosecutor, move the case along more quickly, and help the defendant avoid harsher sentencing.

Anyone charged with a crime in Glendale, AZ, should hire legal representation as soon as possible following arrest. If you or a loved one faces criminal charges in Arizona, contact the Stewart Law Group today to schedule a case evaluation with one of our attorneys.

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