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Phoenix Pre-Charge Representation

Pre-Charge Representation

Don’t wait until after indictment to hire an experienced Phoenix pre-charge lawyer. Individuals who know they are being investigated should immediately find a reliable criminal defense lawyer in Phoenix to help them navigate upcoming legal procedures.

Be Smart During Investigation

Pre-charge representation is the best way anyone can defend themselves during police investigations. In Arizona, a detective investigates criminal cases, and the purpose of their work is to obtain incriminating statements from the suspect. Having legal advice throughout this process gives individuals the power to steer clear of making mistakes or divulging inappropriate information to the investigator.

Without a pre-charge representation, individuals are easily convinced to sit down with an investigator to give their side of the story. However, this process includes waiving Miranda rights to give interrogators information to be used against the suspect in court. Having the aid of a pre-charge lawyer can eliminate the possibility of succumbing to this type of situation.

How Pre-Charge Representation Helps

Individuals who fear they are under an Arizona criminal investigation should immediately contact a lawyer and obtain pre-charge representation to properly deal with the oncoming legal processes. These lawyers are equipped to help in a myriad of ways, including:

  • Avoiding charges altogether.
  • Significantly reducing future charges.
  • Steering clear of arrest by arranging the details of surrender.
  • Playing the role of mediator between police and suspect.
  • Conducting confidential polygraphs to keep information safe from investigation.
  • Keeping Miranda rights intact.

Overall, the role of a pre-charge attorney is to protect an individual’s constitutional rights at all costs. Having pre-charge representation greatly increase a suspect’s chances for success in the process of investigation, and helps position them for success if charges are eventually brought against them.

When Charges are Eminent

There are certain steps Phoenix pre-charge lawyers take to eliminate future charges, but sometimes they are unavoidable. In such a case, skilled lawyers continue working to set up their clients for the best chance of success. They take actions such as:

  • Interviewing possible witnesses and gathering evidence to better understand the upcoming proceedings, and build a strong case against the coming charges.
  • Talking with the prosecutor and arranging to present evidence to Grand Jury.

Whether an individual is involved in violent crimes, white collar crimes, drug crimes, or more, an experienced pre-charge representative can substantially alter the outcome of investigation and prosecution. Hesitating to gain legal representation can only yield negative results.

Police investigators are trained to manipulate individuals into giving up important information, often compromising any defense they have. Phoenix criminal defense lawyers are interested in protecting individuals from this type of exploitation and building a strong case in favor of their client.

Always Be Proactive

When individuals receive notification of criminal investigation, taking action swiftly is the best way to minimize charges, legal processes, and more. Hiring a lawyer can take time, so each person should make sure they understand their rights.

During investigation, all individuals have the right to four important things:

  1. Refusing to speak with police or detectives.
  2. Requesting the presence of an attorney during all interrogations, investigations, and more.
  3. Directing all communication through a lawyer.
  4. Maintaining constitutional rights.

Knowing how to navigate the initial stages of an investigation is important for individuals who need extra time to locate the best lawyer for their circumstances.

Attorney Scott Stewart at the Stewart Law Group is one of the most qualified criminal defense attorneys in the state of Arizona. Contact Scott Stewart and his team to receive the best pre-charge representation in the state.