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Surprise Extreme DUI Defense Lawyer

In Arizona, there are different levels of DUI based on the degree of intoxication. If you are charged with extreme DUI, you are facing harsher penalties than with a standard DUI, and your best course of action is to get an experienced lawyer on your side right away. Call Scott David Stewart at Stewart Law Group today for the dedicated extreme DUI defense you need.

Why Choose Our Firm?

  • Our extreme DUI defense attorneys in Surprise, Arizona are committed to aggressively pursuing the best possible outcome in your case.
  • Our Surprise, Arizona criminal defense lawyers are former prosecutors. This gives us insight into the strategies of the prosecution and an edge in your defense.
  • We have successfully fought all types of DUI charges, from standard, first-offense DUI to repeat offenses of super extreme DUI (blood alcohol concentration of .20% or higher).

What Is Extreme DUI?

Our state separates DUI charges into levels. If you are over 21 and driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher, you can be charged with DUI. If your BAC is .15% up to .20%, it is charged as extreme DUI – a more serious offense with harsher penalties. This holds true if you test above .15% within two hours of driving a vehicle.

Arizona Law on Extreme DUI

As stated in Arizona Revised Statutes Section 28-1382, it is unlawful for a person to operate a vehicle in this state if, within two hours of being in control of the vehicle, the person has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.15% or higher. (Anything above 0.20% is charged as super extreme DUI.) Extreme DUI is a class one misdemeanor, the same as standard DUI, but it carries penalties that are more severe. Unlike with lesser DUI charges, the prosecutor must have a blood alcohol test showing that your BAC was above .15% within two hours of the time you were driving to prove that you are guilty of extreme DUI.

What Are the Penalties for Extreme DUI?

Penalties for extreme DUI depend on prior convictions.

First-Offense Extreme DUI Penalties

A first offense of extreme DUI is a class one misdemeanor, punishable by:

  • Minimum 30 days and maximum six months jail time
  • Fines and assessments of at least $1,500, plus surcharges
  • Driver’s license suspension for 90 days
  • Probation for up to five years
  • Drug/alcohol screening
  • Ignition interlock device on your vehicle required for one year
  • Possible community service ordered by the court

Second-Offense Extreme DUI Penalties

As with other criminal charges and standard DUI, penalties for extreme DUI increase after the first conviction. A second offense extreme DUI within 84 months of the first carries penalties including:

  • Minimum of 120 days and up to six months in jail
  • Minimum fines and assessments of $1,750 plus surcharges
  • License revocation for one year
  • Probation sentence up to five years maximum
  • Drug/alcohol screening
  • Ignition interlock device required
  • Community restitution of not less than 30 hours

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If you have been charged with extreme DUI in Surprise, Arizona, you are facing severe penalties including jail time, heavy fines, and loss of your driving privileges. A conviction can have a serious impact on your life for years to come.

It is in your best interests to speak with an experienced DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible. Contact Scott David Stewart for a free case evaluation. Our Surprise extreme DUI attorneys can develop the strongest possible defense in your case.