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Super Extreme DUI Attorney Phoenix

.20 Super Extreme DUI

Arizona is one of the few states that has implemented a “super extreme DUI” charge. This charge is for individuals whose blood alcohol test results are .20% or above. This charge has serious penalties and long-lasting consequences. If you have been charged with a super extreme DUI, you should seek legal advice. The Phoenix super extreme DUI attorneys at the Stewart Law Group are highly skilled in navigating these types of cases.

While a defense lawyer is always a good idea when facing a DUI charge, the stakes of a super extreme DUI case are high, and an experienced super extreme DUI attorney in Phoenix will help ensure you receive the lightest sentence possible and least long-term consequences. Arizona has one of the toughest sets of DUI laws in the country, but even with a super extreme DUI charge, we can help you navigate the criminal justice system and fight for your rights.

1st Offense

For first-time offenders, a super extreme DUI charge will consist of a minimum of 45 days in jail, a minimum fine of $2750, a 90-day license suspension, drug/alcohol counseling, and up to five years of probation. Like other DUI charges, an ignition interlock device will be installed on your vehicle for a minimum of one year, resulting in significant financial obligations. The Class 1 Misdemeanor charge of super extreme DUI is a serious criminal offense, but there are still legal options for minimizing your sentence and achieving the best possible outcome.

2nd Offense

A second time super extreme DUI charge allows for a strict sentence including a minimum of 180 days in jail, a minimum $3750 fine plus surcharge, jail fees amounting to more than $13,000, a license revocation, required drug/alcohol counseling, thirty hours of community restitution, up to five years of probation, and a two-year required installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. The serious penalties for a second-time offense can be life-altering, but an experienced super extreme DUI attorney in the Phoenix area, like Scott David Stewart, can minimize your sentence and fight for your rights.

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Building your Super Extreme DUI Case

A super extreme DUI charge can cost thousands of dollars and put you in jail for well over a month. Once you complete your sentence, there are still long-lasting consequences associated with a conviction on a super extreme DUI charge for a BAC of .20% or higher. Car insurance companies typically increase rates for individuals with a DUI conviction, and when you receive a super extreme DUI, those rates can skyrocket even further. Having a conviction on your criminal record can seriously affect job opportunities and employment status. The possible consequences of a super extreme DUI conviction are too high to leave to chance; it is critical to work with an experienced defense attorney.

The team of highly skilled Phoenix criminal defense attorneys at the Stewart Law Group have years of experience fighting DUI cases, ranging from first-time offenses with less than a .08% BAC, to super extreme DUIs with a BAC of .20% or higher.

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