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If you or someone you care about faces assault charges, seek help from our Peoria assault attorneys. In the Peoria, Arizona area, you do not have to look further than the attorneys at Stewart Law Group. Contact our criminal defense lawyers today for a free consultation.

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If authorities arrest you or someone you know for assault, seek legal help. The laws in the state of Arizona are stringent toward assault charges. In a case of simple assault or simple harassment where the victim does not have to provide much proof of the event, legal leeway may result in wrongful accusations and wrongful arrests.

The attorneys at Stewart Law Group are ready to help build the best defense possible with their knowledge of what the prosecution may do next. Do not hesitate to get an assault defense lawyer by your side. Contact our Peoria firm for a free consultation today.

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The Peoria assault attorneys at Stewart Law Group have extensive courtroom experience in criminal defense cases. Here are a few examples of why clients work with us.

  • We have served thousands of clients over decades of practice.
  • The firm has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Our attorneys are former prosecutors. As defense attorneys, they have experience from both sides of the courtroom and can anticipate the next move of the prosecution.
  • Our attorneys emphasize compassionate, dedicated care for their criminal defense clients.

Types of Assault Charges We Defend

Assault charges are wide-ranging in the legal world. They vary from scuffles with scratches and bruises to scenarios where victims are severely injured. Additionally, assault applies to two strangers fighting in a bar, but it also applies to spousal abuse in the home, and more. Because the genre of crime is large, the punishments vary widely. Here are some of the most common assault cases our assault lawyers can help you defend.

  • Assault is when a person knowingly or recklessly intends to hurt another person, but without a weapon.
  • Aggravated assault is knowingly or recklessly intending to hurt another person while armed with a weapon.
  • Domestic violence is an assault that occurs between two members of a family, or people in a romantic or sexual relationship. Child abuse also falls under domestic violence, but it sometimes treated differently. If you or someone you know has been accused of attacking any family members or your partner, contact an experienced Peoria domestic violence attorney today.
  • Endangerment is intentionally putting another person in danger with the intent of hurting that person.
  • Harassment can fall under (or be related to) assault charges but does not typically involve injury.
  • Aggravated harassment includes a wide array of more severe forms of harassment, including stalking and violating protective orders.
  • A violation of an injunction against harassment is a violation of an order of protection or restraining order. This means that an individual who has committed or may commit domestic violence toward another person has a protective order put out against them and that he or she chose to knowingly violate it. If you believe your loved one will commit assault or harm, talk with an order of protection attorney in Peoria to legally protect yourself.

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An assault charge has the power to change an individual’s life for the worse. The two lower classes of assault charges do not require proof of injury, such as a bruise, cut, or a black eye. For that reason, wrongful assault charges happen every day. Additionally, in some cases, the defendant inflicted bodily harm, but not to the extent the accuser asserts. Even in cases where the defendant acknowledges guilt, it is imperative to carry out an investigation and to construct a proper defense to ensure that the court’s punishment fits the crime. Call our Peoria assault attorney today for a free consultation if you are facing any assault charges.