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If you or someone you love faces a white-collar crime charge due to a fraud scheme, seek legal help from out Peoria fraud schemes lawyers. Contact the Stewart Law Group today for a free case consultation. Hiring proper legal counsel can be the difference between freedom and jail time.

In the state of Arizona, fraud schemes fall under the classification of white-collar crime. Fraudulent schemes can those where individuals knowingly take benefits for themselves under false pretenses. These offenses are Class 2 felonies, which are very severe under state and federal law. In recent years, Arizona has cracked down on white-collar crimes, particularly those pertaining to technology. Because the punishment for white-collar crimes is so severe, it is imperative for defendants to hire an excellent defense.

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If you or a loved one faces charges in a fraud scheme, hire legal counsel. The right defense can be the difference between prison and freedom. Do not enter the courtroom without proper counsel on your side. Contact our criminal defense lawyers in Peoria for a free consultation today.

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The attorneys at Stewart Law Group have courtroom experience for your white-collar crime case. Here are a few reasons clients choose us as the attorneys they can trust.

  • Stewart Law Group has served the community for years, helping thousands of clients.
  • Both attorneys are former prosecutors and can predict the moves of the prosecution from first-hand experience.
  • Our firm has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • We treat every case with the same one-attorney dedicated care and focus.

Types of Fraudulent Schemes Cases We Defend

White-collar crime constitutes a wide array of offenses, including fraud, theft, and technological/computer crimes. The laws in Arizona clearly define several of them. The following are a few of those examples.

  • Theft, such as stealing items and personal or corporate and business information through technology for personal gain is white-collar crime. Property stolen could include identity, money, investments, and personal data.
  • Bank fraud is tampering with financial investments owned by a bank and is a white-collar crime. Some of the nation’s most famous crimes are cases of bank fraud, treated as high profile and serious cases.
  • Computer tampering, such as altering a computer system, knowingly giving a computer a virus, or hacking the system to steal important information is a white-collar crime.
  • Mortgage fraud and mortgage theft are situations where an individual lies to obtain a mortgage or willfully steals someone else’s mortgage through identity theft. Both are white-collar crimes, often committed alongside other white-collar crimes.

Other types of fraud and white-collar crimes include counterfeiting, forgery, extortion, insurance fraud, health care fraud, laundering, welfare fraud, and racketeering. All are serious offenses and carry extreme consequences, under both Arizona and federal law. Here is a list of various other fraudulent scams we help defend.

Sentences for Fraudulent Schemes and White-Collar Crime

Individuals convicted of a first offense for fraudulent schemes receive a Class 2 felony charge, which can result in punishment ranging from probation to 13 years in prison. The second conviction for fraud schemes results in similar consequences, but penalties are considerably harsher and may result in sentences of up to 25 years in prison. In the event of a third offense, individuals must spend at least a mandatory 10.5 years in prison and many times will receive extremely punitive rulings. The court will not suspend sentences after a third conviction and require mandatory jail time in cases where the defendant benefited more than $100,000 from a fraudulent scheme.

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The Stewart Law Group has a lot of experience in defending a white-collar crime charge. If you or someone you love faces a white-collar crime charge due to a fraud scheme, seek legal help from out Peoria fraud schemes attorneys. We offer free case consultations. Again, hiring proper legal counsel can be the difference between freedom and jail time.