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Peoria Order of Protection Attorney

The process of instating an order of protection is simple and quick with the help of Peoria order of protection attorneys. If you or a loved one is in danger and desires to put an OOP on a dangerous individual close to you, contact the attorneys at Stewart Law Group in Peoria, Arizona, today. We offer a free consultation and can help you create a plan to swiftly put an OOP in place.

Most individuals are familiar with the term restraining order. Orders of protection (OOPs) are the same type of legal order but are specific to family law. When an individual has experienced domestic violence from a member of his or her household, or a close relation, he or she has the option to take out an OOP to keep that person away. OOPs also apply to cases where the individual believes the other party will commit an assault or domestic violence, even if it has not yet occurred.

Getting an Order of Protection in Peoria, Arizona

If you or a loved one is in danger from assault, domestic violence or any other harmful situations, seek legal help. An OOP can provide a legal measure of safety for you and those you care about – including your children, pets, and relatives. Stewart Law Group’s order of protection lawyers will work swiftly to help you petition for an OOP. Contact us today.

Why You Should Select Stewart Law Group

The Peoria criminal lawyers at our firm have been practicing for decades and have helped hundreds of clients quickly and efficiently put in place OOPs for their own safety, and/or the safety of their children. Here are a few examples of the firm’s qualifications.

  • The order of protection attorneys have worked as both prosecutors and defense attorneys, so they understand the law and the courtroom tactics of both sides, which better serves every client.
  • The attorneys have served thousands of clients successfully.
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates the firm A+.
  • The attorneys approach every case with compassion and one-on-one attention.

Relationships Where Orders of Protection Apply

Family is a broader term than just the nuclear family household for the purpose of an OOP. An OOP can be against a spouse, a former spouse, a blood relative, someone the individual formerly lived with, the mother or father of an unborn child conceived with the person seeking protection, or someone with whom the individual has a past or present romantic or sexual relationship. The court typically grants OOPs ex parte.

If you have been wrongfully accused of an assault from your significant other, contact our assault charges defense lawyers in Peoria to build a defense case.

Petitioning for an Order of Protection

Because of the urgent nature of many situations surrounding orders of protection, getting the order takes only about an hour at the court’s Order of Protection Office. An order of protection lawyer will represent you in court during a hearing where the judge will determine whether to grant the order. The judge often asks specific questions about the situation. Here are a few examples of those questions.

  • Should the order require the defendant to stay away from the victim’s workplace?
  • Should the order allow the defendant to own or carry firearms?
  • Should the order bar the defendant from the victim’s property?
  • Should the order include other people, such as children, as protected parties?

As the victim, you must swear under oath that the information you are testifying about is true. If granted, the order is valid for a year and prohibits the defendant from coming near or contacting you, as well as any protected parties included in the court order.

When Animals Are in Danger

An OOP can protect animals as well. Additionally, with a granted order, you can take full custody of your own animals, in addition to the defendant’s animals, and the animals belonging to minor children the two of you share. Legal counsel can help to determine the best way to approach animals as part of an OOP.