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If you or a loved committed a drug crime in Peoria, Arizona, seek legal counsel from our Peoria drug crimes lawyers. Do not delay getting legal help for a chance to salvage freedom, job opportunities, and your criminal record. Call the Stewart Law Group.

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Drug offenses are serious in the United States, and the laws in Arizona are some of the strictest. Crimes can have a huge impact on an individual’s life, career, and personal record. Types of drug crimes and cases range from severe charges like drug trafficking to seemingly small offenses, such as being in possession of someone else’s prescription drugs or medical marijuana. Drug cases often leave room for small differences in charges that make a huge difference in the life of the defendant.

If you or a loved faces charges for a drug-related crime, your reputation, job, criminal record, and freedom could be on the line. Hire legal help to restore your name or potentially have charges reduced or set aside. Whether it is a small misdemeanor or a severe felony – the right defense can make the difference for you and your family. Contact the Peoria criminal defense attorneys at Stewart Law Group today for a free consultation.

Why Pick Stewart Law Group for An Accused Drug Charge?

Our firm has experience in a wide range of criminal defense cases, including every type of drug charge imaginable. Our experienced Peoria drug crimes attorneys have helped many individuals, from people facing minor charges to those facing significant jail time. We even have DUI attorneys in Peoria that will defend you for DUI drug cases.

Here are a few reasons Stewart Law Group offers defense you can trust.

  • The Better Business Bureau, as well as several law organizations for defending DUI and drug crimes, recognizes the firm. Its BBB rating is A+.
  • The firm’s attorneys have helped thousands of clients and have a strong reputation in Arizona for obtaining great outcomes for defendants.
  • Both lawyers, Scott David Stewart, and Colin Bell, are former prosecutors. They are in the unique position of being able to predict the moves of the prosecution from firsthand experience.
  • The firm gives every client one-on-one care. Call us today for a free consultation.

Types of Defense Cases Our Drug Lawyers Handle

Drug crimes range significantly in types of charges and severity in Arizona. Some are mild misdemeanors, while other charges may be serious felonies. Drug crimes and alleged drug crimes include the possession, sale, manufacturing, and trafficking of various substances. If you or a loved one is facing any charges for any of these drug offenses, get in touch with the Peoria drug crimes lawyers at Stewart Law Group today. A conviction for a drug crime will have a lot of negative effects on your future.

Here are examples of illegal substances that can result in drug charges that defend.

  • Marijuana. In Arizona, marijuana is legal for medicinal use in limited amounts with a valid prescription, but it is not legal for recreational use. Charges vary for possession by amount – possessing higher amounts of the drug will often draw more serious charges, for distribution.
  • Life-threatening drugs. Dangerous drug charges include methamphetamines, steroids, LSD, mescaline, clonazepam, and ecstasy. Possession is less serious than manufacturing or trafficking, but all are serious charges.
  • Narcotics. This class of drugs is also in the realm of drugs considered dangerous, and the drugs are sometimes prescription-based; they include cocaine, heroin, morphine, oxycodone, and opiates.
  • Drug paraphernalia. Sometimes, drugs do not need to be present for courts to charge an individual with a drug-related crime. Paraphernalia used to smoke or ingest illegal substances is also illegal to possess, in some cases (example, a bong used for recreational marijuana). Even if the paraphernalia is not your own, you can face charges if it is in your possession.
  • Prescription drugs. The most dangerous prescription drugs are narcotics, such as morphine and oxycodone, but it is technically illegal to possess anyone’s prescription medicine if it does not belong to you or your spouse. Charges can result for possessing someone else’s drugs, particularly if used to achieve a high.

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A drug violation on your record can produce seriously detrimental effects for your career and hinder many other opportunities. Don’t let a drug offense conviction stop you from missing out on vital opportunities. Call the Peoria drug crimes lawyers at Stewart Law Group for a free consultation today.