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Glendale Vehicular Aggravated Assault Attorney

Call the Stewart Law Group today to schedule a consultation with a Glendale vehicular aggravated assault attorney if you face any type of assault charges involving a vehicle. Attempting to harm or kill another person using a vehicle is a very serious criminal offense in Arizona. While the state does not have any specific laws in place concerning aggravated vehicular assault, the state generally considers a vehicle a “deadly weapon” for sentencing purposes.

Defending Against a Vehicular Aggravated Assault Charge

To successfully defend against a charge for vehicular aggravated assault, the defendant’s attorney must prove that his or her client did not intend to cause harm or threaten anyone. The prosecution must prove that the defendant drove recklessly or in an intentionally dangerous manner under the state’s definition. A Glendale vehicular aggravated assault attorney will attempt to prove that the prosecution’s evidence fails to meet the burden of proof.

If you face any type of vehicle-related assault charge in Glendale, AZ, contact the Stewart Law Group today to schedule a meeting with one of our Glendale criminal defense lawyers. Once we know the details of your situation and review the charges and evidence against you, we can let you know your legal options and what to expect from the trial process.

Why Hire the Stewart Law Group?

  • Our attorneys are former prosecutors. We know how prosecutors build cases and the usual flow of criminal cases in the Arizona court system.
  • Since the founding of our firm, we have assisted thousands of clients in defending against criminal charges spanning many areas of the criminal justice system.
  • We believe in taking a client-focused approach to criminal defense. We carefully assess the individual facets of a case to provide the best legal representation possible for every case we take.
  • Our firm has handled many cases involving vehicle-related assaults, moving violations, aggravated assault, and attempted murder.

Why Hire a Aggravated Vehicular Assault Attorney in Glendale?

Some people facing criminal charges may think that agreeing to representation from a public defender is a low-cost and logical way to handle a criminal charge. While the state provides public defenders at no cost and many public defenders are outstanding attorneys, the average public defender does not have the same resources and ability to provide personalized representation as a private defense firm like the Stewart Law Group.

A Glendale vehicular assault lawyer will look for procedural errors and faulty interpretations of the prosecutor’s evidence to dismantle flimsy criminal charges. Private defense firms like the Stewart Law Group have extensive networks of professional contacts including expert witnesses who can help support a defendant in a vehicle-related assault case. Ultimately, the decision to hire a defense attorney is a personal one but doing so may afford the defendant a higher chance of evading severe penalties. Contact our criminal defense attorneys for a free consultation.

Punishments for Vehicle-Related Assaults

Arizona defines assault as any threat of physical harm to another person. Our Glendale vehicular assault lawyers understand that acting upon that threat is not a requirement for an assault conviction; doing so would simply enhance the penalties facing the offender or qualify for additional charges. When an individual commits an assault with a deadly weapon or another instrument capable of inflicting serious or fatal injury, the resulting charge escalates to aggravated assault. It is certainly possible to seriously injure or kill another person with a vehicle, so a vehicle satisfies the state’s definition of a deadly weapon. However, the prosecution must prove the offender drove in an intentionally dangerous or reckless manner.

If a driver attempts to scare another driver or a pedestrian with aggressive maneuvers, sudden acceleration, dangerous swerving, or similar behaviors, he or she commits an aggravated assault regardless of whether the act results in injury or damage to the victim. When a driver commits such an act under the influence of drugs or alcohol, while speeding, or in the process of committing other criminal acts, he or she faces additional penalties for those factors.