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Glendale Domestic Violence Attorney

If you face domestic violence charges in the Glendale, AZ, area or a wrongful accusation, contact the Stewart Law Group today to schedule a consultation with a Glendale domestic violence attorney. What Constitutes Domestic Violence? Domestic violence applies to any type of violence that occurs between intimate partners or members of the same household. Many types of domestic violence exist, and depending on the severity of a charge, the penalties may be significant.

How To Defend Against Domestic Violence Charges

A wrongful accusation or a misunderstanding can still lead to serious domestic violence charges and the accompanying penalties. An offender who faces an order of protection or any type of restraining order will need to fully understand and acknowledge the elements of such orders to prevent violations that could incur severe penalties.

Call the Stewart Law Group today to schedule a meeting with a criminal defense attorney in Glendale and discuss your domestic violence charges in Glendale, AZ. Our attorneys will carefully review the evidence against you and look for proof of your innocence or any other mitigating factors in your case.

Why Hire the Stewart Law Group?

  • The Glendale domestic violence attorneys of the Stewart Law Group are committed to client-focused, high-quality legal representation in any type of criminal case.
  • Our firm has helped thousands of clients defend against criminal charges in Arizona.
  • The attorneys of the Stewart Law Group are former prosecutors. We know how the court system in Arizona works, how the prosecutors build their cases, and how judges try criminal cases.
  • We understand all aspects of domestic violence law and have handled cases spanning all types of domestic violence charges such as physical abuse, financial abuse, stalking, and neglect.

Is a Glendale Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Necessary?

Even if a victim of domestic violence does not want to press charges, the state aggressively prosecutes domestic violence offenses and only the district attorney has the power to drop a criminal case. Although a public defender may offer competent legal counsel at no cost to a defendant, most public defenders handle several cases at once and cannot provide the same level of personalized attention that a private firm can offer.

Domestic violence charges could lead to jail time, heavy fines, civil suits from victims, probation, and a host of other penalties. It is also possible to lose a professional license or face sex offender registry for a domestic violence conviction. Private defense firms like the Stewart Law Group can provide comprehensive, individualized legal representation in a domestic violence case.

Penalties for Domestic Violence in Arizona

Domestic violence is an umbrella term that can apply to many different offenses, and the penalty for a domestic violence conviction hinges on the underlying crime and the offender’s criminal history. Convicted offenders must attend domestic violence counseling and may owe victims restitution for damages. In many domestic violence cases, convicted offenders could lose their licenses to practice certain professions, face restrictions on visiting family members, and may need to secure new living arrangements after sentencing and/or completing a prison sentence.

Types of Domestic Violence

For a crime to qualify as domestic violence, the situation must meet specific criteria concerning the parties involved. Domestic violence can occur between parents and children, intimate partners, co-parents, relatives who cohabitate, spouses, and former spouses. Domestic violence does not need to occur in a home; the distinction hinges on the relationship between those involved. The underlying charges will lead to various penalties.

  • Physical abuse, such as hitting, slapping, or shoving a victim in a forceful manner. Strong physical abuse could potentially be deemed to be assault. Consult with a Glendale assault attorney today if you are accused of an assault.
  • Sexual abuse, including molestation and rape
  • Neglect
  • Isolation, such as an offender preventing a victim from using phones or the internet
  • Endangerment, or placing a victim in immediate danger of physical harm or death
  • Stalking
  • Criminal trespass
  • Threats and intimidation

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