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Glendale Drug Crimes Attorney

Anyone facing any drug charge in Glendale, AZ, needs a Glendale drug crimes attorney to mitigate punishment or prove innocence. Even though many drug offenses in Arizona are nonviolent, a drug crime conviction can make a significant impact on your life.  Contact the Glendale drug crime lawyers at the Stewart Law Group today if you or a loved one needs an attorney for drug-related charges.

Defending Against Drug Charges

Many defenses exist in drug crime cases. Each case is different, but it is vital for arresting officers to follow proper procedures when conducting any drug-related arrest. The prosecution’s evidence must also establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Illegal searches, mistaken identity, lack of knowledge of drugs discovered during a search, medical and religious exemptions, and many other possible factors may lead to reduced or dropped charges.

The attorneys at the Stewart Law Group know how to help clients facing drug charges. If there are any mitigating factors in a client’s case, we fully explore them to ensure we exhaust every available defense in pursuit of reduced charges or acquittal. Contact our firm today to schedule a meeting with a Glendale criminal defense attorney about your drug charges, and we will let you know your legal options.

Why Hire the Stewart Law Group?

  • The attorneys at Stewart Law Group are former prosecutors. We know how the prosecutors of the Glendale court system build their cases.
  • Since the founding of our law firm, we have helped thousands of clients fight criminal charges of all kinds.
  • Our firm has attorneys that handle all types of drug crimes including drug trafficking, manufacturing, sale, possession, and DUI drug attorneys.
  • The drug crime attorneys at Stewart Law Group provide comprehensive, high-quality legal representation in any criminal case with a client-focused approach.

Does a Drug Crime Suspect Really Need a Glendale Defense Attorney?

Drug charges in Arizona can lead to significant legal penalties and hiring a Glendale drug crime defense attorney is your best chance of protecting your rights and minimizing the effect that they have on your life. The state provides public defenders at no cost, but these attorneys can rarely offer the same level of personal attention to a criminal case that a private firm can offer. Most public defenders are great attorneys, but are often overworked and spread thin.

A defense firm like the Stewart Law Group will know how to explore all available defenses and mitigating factors that can influence sentencing. In some drug cases, defendants receive plea bargain offers that exchange a quick guilty plea for lighter sentencing. A criminal defense attorney will ensure such a plea agreement is in the defendant’s best interests. Young juveniles should especially talk with a juvenile crimes attorney in Glendale. They are at risk of losing out on a plethora of future opportunities if they are convicted of a drug crime. The criminal defense attorneys at the Stewart Law Group scrutinize all available evidence in a case and consult with expert witnesses to determine the validity of the prosecution’s evidence.

Penalties for Drug Crimes in Glendale, Arizona

Many drug cases involve multiple charges. For example, if the police arrest an individual and he or she are under the influence of drugs, in possession of drugs, and other physical evidence indicates he or she intended to sell those drugs or traffic drugs, the individual could face charges for use, possession, and intent to sell. Potential penalties include heavy fines, jail time, community service, and additional penalties on a case-by-case basis.

Arizona takes drug violations very seriously; any possession of illegal drugs is a felony offense. However, a recent change in Arizona sentencing laws prohibits judges from sentencing first- and second-time offenders to incarceration for nonviolent drug crimes. Despite this change, multiple drug offenses can still exceed the minimum sentencing threshold under this new law and qualify an offender for jail time. If a defendant receives a mitigated sentence without jail time, he or she will likely receive probation and any violations may lead to jail time as well.