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Glendale Orders of Protection Lawyer

Anyone who becomes the subject of any type of protective order in Arizona will likely require a Glendale order of protection lawyer to ensure adherence to the elements of the order or to fight unjust orders or unfair provisions contained in protective orders. Orders of protection are civil actions that protect victims of domestic violence and potential victims from known abusers and high-risk individuals.  Call the Stewart Law Group today if you need a defense attorney for any type of order of protection issue.

Handling Legal Issues With Orders of Protection

If someone filed an unjust or fraudulent order of protection against you, or the grounds on which another party filed such a motion misrepresented facts about you or a prior incident, a criminal defense lawyer in Glendale can help protect your rights and clarify these issues in court.

The attorneys of the Stewart Law Group in Glendale, AZ, have extensive experience handling all types of criminal matters associated with orders of protection in Arizona. Contact our firm today to schedule a meeting with one of our criminal defense attorneys. Once we know the details of your situation, we can let you know what legal options you have.

Why Hire the Stewart Law Group?

  • Since the founding of Stewart Law Group, our Glendale order of protection attorneys have represented thousands of clients and helped defend against countless criminal charges.
  • Our attorneys understand how orders of protection work in Arizona, and we have handled all types of cases including wrongful accusations and protective order violation cases.
  • We take a client-focused approach to legal representation and ensure we provide the highest quality legal representation possible in every case we take.
  • We are former prosecutors. The Arizona criminal defense attorneys at Stewart Law Group know the prosecutors and judges of the Arizona court system and how they handle criminal cases involving orders of protection.

Why Would Someone Need an Attorney for an Order of Protection?

The court issues orders of protection to help ensure the personal safety of people at risk of suffering abuse, domestic violence, or criminal acts from known high-risk individuals. If someone falsely accuses you of being abusive or potentially abusive, it is vital to have a Glendale domestic violence lawyer or a criminal defense lawyer who can make a strong case on your behalf. Additionally, a defense attorney can challenge the grounds on which a claimant petitioned for an order of protection and possibly adjust the elements of such orders.

Violating an order of protection can lead to severe penalties. Because an order of protection is an official court order, a violation transforms the issue from a civil matter into a criminal case, and the underlying crime will influence the penalty. A criminal defense attorney can help resolve misunderstandings, clear up unjust provisions in an order of protection, and help defend the rights of an individual accused of violating an order of protection.

Elements of an Arizona Order of Protection

An order of protection in Arizona will include the accused’s personal information and the conditions of the order. The subject of an order of protection may face restrictions in terms of housing, child custody, and employment. An order of protection may require the subject to stay a certain distance away from schools, homes, workplaces, or other locations included in the court order. These orders provide petitioners with grounds for legal recourse for a year from securing an order if the subject of the order violates any of the included conditions.

It is vital to remember that an order of protection does not alter or nullify existing custody and child support arrangements. It also does not resolve any issues concerning landlords, tenants, and rental obligations, nor does it guarantee the safety of the petitioner.

Contact our order of protection lawyers in the Glendale area today. Once learning the details of your personal situation, they can help advice you on proper next steps.